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ST1-129 - Ardkinglas Sheepdog Trials - Newspaper Report (1937)

The Scotsman 23 August 1937

Sheepdog Trials


Ardkinglas Sheep Dog Trials were held at Ardkinglas, Argyll, on Saturday in wet weather.  The course, on the slopes of a hill covered with bracken and heather, affords ideal working conditions for dogs of the hill type.  The performance of the dogs was of a high standard and was watched by a large and distinguished gathering.

Among those present were Lady John Noble, Ardkinglas; Mr John, Mr Andrw, and Mr Marshal Noble; Miss Anastasia Noble, Capt. And Mrs Montgomery, Mr and Miss Stewart, Mr Brooman-White, Lady George Campbell, Lady Ainsworth, Sir Norman Lamont of Knockdow, Maclachlan of Maclachlan, Colonel Lloyd of Minard, Lord and Lady Breadalbane, Mr and Mrs Ian Fletcher of Dunans, Mr and Mrs Frank Waters, the Hon. John Weir, Dundarave Castle; Major-General Sir Cecil Pereira, Mrs Scott of Eredine, Miss Campbel of Inverneill, Mr I. L. Orr-Ewing, M.P., and Mrs Orr-Ewing, the Duchess of Grafton, the Hon. Joseph and Mrs Pease, Major and Mrs Pollok, Ronachan; Mr Andrew Page, chamberlain to the Duke of Argyll, and Mrs page; Captain and Mrs John McKean, Benuie; Mr Archibald Sinclair, Brenchoille; Mr J Weir, Ardnow; Mr Wm Armstrong, Lochgoilhead; and Sir Thomas and Lady Bell.

Results: – 1. Archiblad McNicol, Glensluan, with Pu;  2. H. Morrison with Colin;  3. Dan White, Earlton with Peggy;  4. George Hastie, corrachaive, with Nick;  5. Donald McInnes, Cairndow, with Maud;  6. Donald Nicolson, Glenmassan, with Gyp;  7. F. Macleod, St Catherines, with Lucky;  8. James Henderson, Drimdarrock, with Prince;  9. Alex. Spalding, Dalinlongart, with Floss;  10. Robert Thomson, Auchadunan, with Hemp.

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