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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

KC2-001 - Kilmorich Church (1950-1964)


In the early 1950’s it was decided that repairs and renovations were required to bring the fabric of the Churches of the Parish into good repair.  Within 6 months of ‘the Renovation Appeal,’ for Kilmorich Church being launched, the target had been reached.

One of the main fund raising projects for the renovation appeal was a Garden Fete, held at Ardkinglas House, with the kind permission of Mr. And Mrs. John Noble.  The Fete was held in May 1960 and was opened by Mr. John Mclay, Secretary of State for Scotland.  So many people helped and gave generously, that the sum of almost £1000 was raised.  Several grants totalling £650 were obtained.  Contracts valued about £1650 were placed and work began on the renovation of the Church in March 1961.

Mason work, harling, slating and external plumbing work were overhauled and repaired.  The tower roof strengthened, all roof timbers treated against woodworm and external painting carried out.  Toilet accommodation, with water supply and drainage was provided at the Session House (The vestry).  Internally, defective plaster work was made good, a quaint iron stove removed and electric heating installed.  The pews were widened and reshaped, a dais was formed on the East side of the Church, a sounding board of traditional form restored to the pulpit.  The Communion table enlarged and provided with a cover.  New light fittings were installed, the dais and the pulpit carpeted and the whole interior redecorated.

A new Pulpit Fall motiff was designed and made by the Dovecott Tapestry of Edinburgh and donated to the Church by the Noble family of Ardkinglas.

The newly renovated Kilmorich Church was rededicated on Sunday, 30th July, 1961, by the ten Moderator of the General assembly – The Right Rev. A.C. Craig, M.C. D.D.

A second Garden Fete organised by Lady Glenkinglas was held at Ardkinglas House inJuly, 1978, and opened by Moira Anderson.   The sum of £450 was raised at it.  This money, together with grants, totalling to £2000 was used to renovate the Tower of the Church.

Over the years many thousands of pounds have been raised (including grants) for the Fabric of the Church.

For the year 1980-81, builders fees came to £29,380.


THE FONT   was made by Archie McVicar (Mason) in 1956.  At that time he was Senior Elder of the Church.

The first baby to be baptised in the new Font was David Archibald MacPherson, youngest son of Donald and Elma MacPherson.

Charles M. Black donated an organ to the Church on 1st June, 1969.

The donation box, in the vestibule of the Church was made and donated by Billy Callander, after the previous one had been stolen.

Mrs. Cathie Mather, The Auld Smiddy and May MacPherson, Kilmorich, raised funds to buy a new carpet for the aisle of the Church.

The late Mrs. Ella Luke, Church Cottage, gifted a silver plate to the Church to be used to present the bread at the Communion Services.  The plate had been given to her and her husband, John, by Sir John Noble, as a wedding present.

A new organ was purchased in 1994 for the sum of £375.  A very generous donation of £250 was given towards it.

In 1998, a new Altar Cloth was made.  The material was bought with the money, put into the donation box, in the vestibule of the Church and was sewn by Mrs. Greta Cameron, Kilmorich.  Mrs. Cameron, also made a table cloth for the table in the vestibule.

In the same year, Alister Mather (son of Mr. And Mrs. W. mather, Auld Smiddy) made and donated a wrought iron flower stand.

Mrs. Jenny Spiers, Cuil Beg, gifted the money to buy new book markers for the Bible on the Pulpit.

The flowers in the Church are done monthly be the ladies of the village.

On the 19th January, 1964, the morning service was broadcast on the radio from Kilmorich Church.  The congregation included the Choir from Lochgoilhead Church.

On the right hand wall as you enter the Church there is a plaque to –

The memory of Mary Caroline Jones, Cairdown Hotel 1881-1962, wife of Joseph E. Marshment.

Mary Caroline Jones was a sister of Tommy Jones, who was Proprietor of Cairndow Hotel for many years.

On the left hangs the ‘Roll of Honour’, for the 1914-1918 war, for all the men of the parish of Kilmorich who fought in the war, for those who were wounded and for those who gave their lives for their Country.

THE CRADLE ROLL  dating from 1995, is on the wall of the vestibule, also in the vestibule is the remains of the old Font, which was taken from Cairndow Church many years ago to Inveraray, but was eventually returned in 1990.

Outside the Church door is a wooden seat donated in memory of Davy Paul Jones, by his wife and family. 

Davy Jones, was a son of Mr. And Mrs. T. Jones, Proprietors of Cairndow Hotel.

Carpet for the Vestery was laid by Nigel Callander.  It was bought with money from the donation box in the vestibule.

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