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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

A7-010 - Here We Are Story (1998-1999)

The Big Map created early spring 1998

One of the first things we did, maybe the first, was to create a huge map of the village.

This was based on enlargements of the OS map. We pieced it all together and laid it out on the billiard room table at Ardkinglas House.  It was about 7.5 metres long.

All of the committee worked on it round the big table. In retrospect its importance was as much the process of working together and chatting about, it as the finished product.

 We marked each house and gave it a number*.  We noticed how all the houses faced the loch, though the current usual entrance was via the back door.

*It was around this time that Alice Beattie had the brainwave during a sleepless night of numbering all the houses all the way round from Dunderave, and noting who was living in them.  It may have been Alice’s numbering that led to the numbers on the map.

It was used at our exhibitions at the Sea Food Fair in 1998 and 1999 (getting damp and fragile).

We then mounted it on cloth, and it hung in the middle of HWA for some time.

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