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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

HS-000 - The 1950s Hydro Schemes

Construction of Tunnel for Clachan Power Scheme

Completed in 1959, Glen Shira phase: pre-stressed gravity Alt-na-Lairige dam (Maples, Ridgway & Partners Ltd) and tunnel to power station on River Fyne. Round-headed buttress dam on Lochan Shira Mor (A. and M. Carmichael Ltd), power station at Sronmor, concrete gravity and earth-fill with concrete core dam (A. and M. carmichael ltd) on Lochan Sron Mor with tunnel to Clachan power station on Loch Fyne. Average annual output: Sron Mor 6 million units; Alt na Lairige 20 million units; Clachan 74 million units.

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