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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

WM-000 - Walking Map

As featured in the Community Action Plan of 2015 walking maps were high on the list of priorities.

The Steering Group agreed that Here We Are should move on with it.  An estimate for its production – design and printing – was in the region of £1000.   At the Steering Group meeting paths/routes were discussed.  Dot Chalmers and Christina Noble found that walking, delineating and describing the routes were more time consuming than they had anticipated.

 Here We Are offered to put in £500 of Strengthening Communities money towards the production.  Neil Colburn of the Tree Shop then suggested asking all   businesses for £100   towards the balance and he wrote a letter suggesting that.  We were delighted with the contribution from local businesses including Cairndow Hotel, LFO, Cairndow Builders, The Tree Shop, Scottish Salmon Company and Fyne Ales.

The graphics of maps and layout were designed by Tara North.  At £3 it has proved to be very popular.

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