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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

HC1-017 - Holidays in Cairndow (1970-1999)

Holidaying in Cairndow (1970s)

I spent a few school summer holidays at my Aunt’s in the seventies when summers were longer and warmer!   The worst bit of the holidays was getting there! We had to come up on the bus and it took ages as it went through everywhere! Renton/Alexandria-even the torpedo range village on Loch Long-it often involved someone being sick!!

I remember hot summers-messing around with my cousins in the loch and around the estate and village. I learned to swim one year in the loch but I could always hear my aunt’s voice telling us not to go too deep in case we went over the “Broo”.

My cousins and I are ages with Lucy and spent time in the Big House exploring the turrets and the big billiards room, where we were allowed to look but not touch-especially the self-playing piano! However, mostly I remember the kitchens and Mrs Noble making raspberry jam. We used to pick raspberries for her –obviously eating a few as we went along! One year we put on shows in the garden of the Big House and forced the adults to watch them-poor Mrs Noble had to listen to me singing –it was so bad she remembered it many years later!

We used to “help” Miss Anastasia by taking the deerhounds for a walk-I don’t think I was as keen to help clean out the kennels but I do remember going to see the new puppies.

Beatle Drive in the village hall-great fun!

I loved the fact that the shops came to you and that vans would arrive at Laundry Cottage with all the produce.  I loved the freedom of being able to walk up to the village from the estate; through the field, past the river and over the bridge.

We always went to bed early and I don’t think my cousins can forget the night we were told to get up and watch the news as something awful had happened-Elvis had died-I cried for hours!!

I loved my summer holidays in Cairndow

Catriona Wright (Glasgow) 2014

Granddaughter of Duncan Luke (Cairndow)

I have continued to bring my family to favourite places in Cairndow.

Holidaying in Cairndow (1970s) 
Catriona Wright

Gordon, Stuart and Catriona  –  Pinetum 1999

Alan, Catriona, Frazer, Stuart, Gordon and Michelle  Bathing Hut 1997

Stuart, Gordon, Catriona, Alan and Frazer
 The Treehouse 1999

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