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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

EB-000 - E-Bikes

Christina Noble

In 2020 Here We Are was successful in securing grant funding from the Energy Savings Trust for 10 ebikes.  They were delivered in April 2020 and were successfully distributed into the community. The ebikes are being enthusiastically used and are replacing many car journeys by community members mostly between residence in Cairndow and their workplace. A further application for 8 more bikes was successful.  However demand for bikes has escalated everywhere meaning the price (though not the grant!) has gone up and also availability delayed. Thus the 8 requested are becoming available in dribs and drabs.  (May 2021)

John MacDonald

The ebikes underpin the desire of the community to embrace greener more sustainable methods of transport and to help encourage increased levels of fitness in residents of the village.

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