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The Here We Are Story - past, present and future

CVH-001 - Cairndow Hall (1895-1897)

From Newspaper Reports

Glasgow Herald, 22nd November, 1895 – A new hall is to be built at Cairndow Lochfyne and Mr. Strutt, The Shooting Tenant, has offered to subscribe £500 towards its erection.

West Highland News, 25th September, 1897 – A special meeting of the School Board was held on Saturday. The Clerk read a letter which he had received from Mr. Herbert Strutt of Ardkinglas, offering to the Board the use of two rooms adjoining the Stables at Glenfyne Lodge in which to carry on the School for the benefit of the children. Mr Struttws offer was gratefully accepted and he was cordinally thanked for the same. The Clerk also read a letter from Mr. Strutt in which he expressed a desire to hand over the New Halls at Cairndow to the School Board to be used primarily as a School and for other purposes. The Clerk was instructed to write Mr. Strutt acknowledging his liberality in the handsome gift of the halls and that the Board would be pleased to arrange terms for the completion of the gift.

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