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1083 - Ardkinglas Old House (1906)

Ardkinglas Old House

Ardkinglas Old House

Physical Description: Black And White Photograph

Subject: Ardkinglas Old House

Notes: The Old House of Ardkinglas which were the stables of a yet older house up to 1851.John Noble thinks it was 1830. On this year the older house was burnt which stood in Daly Gett and the said stables were turned into a temporary house,( as this photo done in 1906 shows), by James Henry Callander of Craigforth & Ardkinglas who died before a new house he had planned was even begun, which was to have stood pretty much on the site of the house built by Sir Andrew Noble in the NE corner of Daly Gett. The Mediaeval castle of Ardkinglas stood on Ruadh Mhor, east of the Flower Garden and close to the shore, on what was then an island in the Dalta of the River Kinglass

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