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Here We Are AGM and Open Day

Here We Are will be holding its AGM on Friday 19th September 2014 at 2pm.

This will be followed by an Open Day on "Holidays in Cairndow" at 2.30pm.  

Please come along and see what people have donated to the exhibition, and bring some of your own holiday memories and snaps that have been hidden in the back of the cupboard for years!

Everyone welcome.

Alan and Catriona Wright, Frazer Chalmers, Gordon & Stuart Wright and Michelle Grant

Holidays' in Cairndow

The next exhibition we are producing is on “Holidays’ in Cairndow“.

We would love to hear about anyone who came to Cairndow for their holidays.
If you have any stories, photographs, letters, postcards, travel tickets etc we would be delighted to have them, we will scan and return them to you.

Please could you drop them into: Dot at Here We Are, or email her at
We look forward to seeing your treasures!

Swimming in the river Fyne.

The Tinkers' Heart

There has been considerable recent press coverage regarding The Tinkers’ Heart. For our response to Jess Smith’s petition to the Scottish Government and her comments on Andy Wightman’s blog see below.

Generations of the Cairndow community as well as the land owner,  Mrs Howe,  have revered  the heart as a special site.  Local people, not just tinkers, were married there in living memory.  

As far as I am aware, in my life-long knowledge of Cairndow,  tinkers have never been disrespected  here.

To put on record one or two points –

£34,500  was never allocated by A and B Council to “upgrade and make the place attractive”.  There was a newspaper reference to a proposed car park and visitor centre a few years ago but  it was never considered a realistic  proposal.  Jess Smith’s implication that the money went instead to Here We Are is utterly wrong.

​The local community and the land owner are adamant that the site should be preserved as it is.

Subsequent to the Community Council view there were discussions (minuted) at Here We Are committee meetings as to how to construct a design that would be cattle - proof, taking into account Highland cattle horns, and not interfere with the view of Loch Fyne.   The approved design was installed  in 2013, the cost incurred by Here We Are with a contribution from the Clachan Wind Farm Trust .

As stated on the board on the gate at the site, at the Here We Are centre there is a folder of information about the Heart, publically available  7 days a week. 





Tinkers' Heart 2014